Frequently Asked Questions

What is SPAR!?

SPAR! is a fun game that lets you challenge your friends to get better at stuff.

How does it work?

Say you and your friends want to get fitter. You'd create a new challenge - maybe "Exercise 3x per week, for 2 months". Then you set a cash penalty amount and invite your friends.

Then everyone gets to work! After exercising, everyone posts a fun video check-in to prove they did it. Whoever doesn't check in pays the penalty into the pot. At the end of the challenge, everyone who participated is fitter, and the winner claims the whole pot!

Why does it work?

SPAR! works because it’s both carrot and stick.

On the positive side, it’s fun to build better habits and compete with friends for the top prize.

On the negative side - and just as important - losing money sucks. By charging penalties for missed check-ins, SPAR! makes the cost of laziness higher than the cost of action. When you’ve got something to lose, you get stuff done. Your reptile brain can’t fight it: it’s science.

How many people can participate?

Up to five people per challenge. (You can invite as many friends to a challenge as you want; the first four to join are in.)

Does it work outside of the US?

Not yet, but soon!

Why do you need my debit or credit card?

SPAR! works best when you put real money on the line. That’s sort of the whole point. Plus, we need your card to pay you when you win a challenge and want to cash out your winnings.

Can I use a credit card?

Yes. Although we can only pay out via debit cards, so if you want to cash out your winnings, you'll have to provide your debit card info then.

My friends are cheating - what can I do?

Get better friends. Seriously, SPAR! requires users who actually want to do more good stuff and less bad stuff. We do enable challenge creators to flag and disqualify bogus check-ins, but come on: lay down some peer pressure and remind your friends that there are no cheat codes in life.  

Can I use SPAR! to quit doing something?

Sure. For example, if you want to stop eating sugar, simply set up a challenge like this: Avoid sugar, 1x per day.

You would then check-in every day to say you didn’t eat sugar. If you did do the thing you weren’t supposed to - you ate that cupcake, smoked a cigarette, drank alcohol, or whatever - then don’t check-in.

These “negative” challenges are a super powerful way to stop bad habits and keep yourself accountable.

Can I quit a challenge already in progress?

Yes, but you have to pay a penalty, since you’re bailing on your friends and breaking your word. Giving up early will cost you 50% of the value of all your remaining check-ins (plus whatever missed check-in penalties you’ve already paid into the challenge pot).

What if not everyone I invite wants to do the challenge?

That's fine, they don't have to join. A challenge begins at 3am the day after it's created, whether it's full or not.

Do you have a version for Android?

Not yet. If people like our iOS version as much as we do, then we’ll make an Android version soon.