21 Days-Break a Bad Habit

1 time a day for 3 weeks

Habits are hard to break because they are deeply wired by repetitions in our brain. I read an article the other day that suggests instead of getting rid of a bad habit, replace it with a good one. I think it would be great to push ourselves and replace an old habit with a new one in 21 days. I know it takes longer than 21 days to break a bad habit but it’s a good start. Here are some other tips: -Choose a substitute -Determine what triggers the bad habit -Join forces with someone -Visualize yourself succeeding Rules: (FIRST CHECK IN): Post a video telling us what your “bad habit” is and what “good habit” you’re replacing the old with. (REMAINING CHECK INS): Post a short video practicing your new habit. Of course we can’t see everything you do, so this is all in good faith; please be honest.

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