1 time a day for 30 days

What’s up Sweaties!!!! Welcome to my #Sweat30Challenge for November. The rules are simply & easy to follow. ‼️Must DOWNLOAD the “SPAR!” app to your phone‼️ Challenge Dates: November 1-30th, 2020 • You must workout everyday for at least 30 minutes!!!! • After you workout, you must upload proof that you worked out • All photos/ videos must be uploaded before midnight, each night!!!! • If you post to Instagram, make sure you tag @sweat_sessions & post to this app!!! • If you do not complete your daily workout, you will be removed from the #Sweat30Challenge This challenge is for you; to help you become accountable & consistent with your workouts. Have fun & switch up your exercises, try yoga, kickboxing, hiking, cycling. Push yourself outside the box & I promise you won’t regret it. Have fun & enjoy babes! Cheers to NO DAYS OFF💦 We Laugh. We Sweat. We Work.

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