AMRAP!!! Pushups,squats,burpees!

3 times a day for 2 months

So this challenge is for LENT. I usually go all out and better myself physically during this time of year. For this challenge I want people to do as many reps for push ups, air squats and burpees. There are 3 check ins per day. 1 check in for push ups for 60 seconds, 1 check in for air squats for 60 seconds and 1 check in for burpees for 60 seconds for As Many Reps As You Can, non stop!!!! Challenge yourself to improve throughout this challenge and get better. I would like you to dedicate 10 minutes out of your day to complete the 3 check ins. So it gives you a couple minutes to rest in between sets I better see the struggle until the very end of the clip if you tire out before it’s over. . LETS GO!!

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