Middle Splitsssssss 👅

1 time a day for 4 weeks

Okay! So make sure you rewatch the video for all the instructions but here is the layout. Warm Up Legs First! Week 1: 3 sets of each Group A Tailor Pose - support lower back against a wall - sit in butterfly pose - put a weight on each thigh - flap legs slowly (10 reps) - hold for 60 seconds on last rep Horse Squats - get into sumo squat position (toes outward) - squat, bring weight in between legs (10 reps) - hold for 30 seconds on last rep Repeat Group A (rest for 60 secs in between sets) Group B Weighted Pancake - Sit on something a few cm thick to elevate your hips slightly (towel, foam, book) - Spread legs in a wide V - Hold a weight on your back (arms over your head) - Fold at the hips keeping back straight (10 reps) - Hold in folded position, weight on back for 30 secs Repeat Group B (rest 60 secs between sets) *Dont do middle split isometrics yet* W2: Repeat with 4 sets of each W3: Repeat with 5 sets of each W4: Repeat with 3 sets of each, 20 reps

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