pot $515
Run two miles
1x per day, for 2 weeks
5 penalty per miss

Time Management Mindfulness

1 time a day for 1 week

Hey everyone! I recently learned about the Eisenhower Matrix as a tool to understand the way I spend my time through my day. If your interested, look at the video below (skip to 2:44): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ymWsgiDk1T0 For this challenge, we will be following the Eisenhower Matrix. In the beginning of your day, make your own boxed Graph on a sheet of Paper and show us. (Check in #1) At the end of your day, show us the same Graph and check mark or tell us what you got done! (Check in #2) This challenge is created to push us to spend our time on what is most important and urgent and limit the things that aren’t so important in our life. Please join and become more self aware of your own time Management Habits! :) If you have any suggestions on how to tweak this to your liking, send me a message

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