No Sugar ‘til Turkey Day!

1 time a day for 24 days

No Sugar ‘til Turkey! What it means: For 25 days (11/1-11/25), no added sugar of any kind. That means sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup—none of it. Prepared or packaged food? Check the label; most now say whether there’s added sugar right in the label. This doesn’t mean you need to cut naturally occurring sugars, like those in fruit or dairy. Also, if you’re training for a big event (e.g., a marathon), on-the-run fuel is excepted. Nobody needs to hit a wall in the middle of a 20-mile run. Daily Check-Ins: Check in every day by 3 a.m. and share how you’re doing, how you’ve replaced your typical snacks or meals. Penalty: $5 per missed check-in. At the end of the bet, the pot will be split. I’ll be donating my share of the pot (assuming I survive the 30 days!) to No Kid Hungry to help nourish families this holiday season.

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