pot $515
Run two miles
1x per day, for 2 weeks
$5 penalty per miss

Commit and Achieve III

1 time a day for 90 days

This challenge is for anyone who has a serious goal, personal to them, that they have a strong desire to achieve but need the group motivation (or wrong financial repercussions) of a dedicated Spar team to give them a kick in the high gears. 1. Challenge runs for 90 days Daily checkin required telling us your progress. Missing day cost $25 dollars 2. Write your goal in the chat. Your goal must contain a deadline and objective measurable once achieved. Example: by the end of 90 days I will be able to run 5k in under 20 mins. 3. Let us know how you will be measuring your progress. You must check in EVERYDAY 60 sec or shorter reporting to the group on what you did in the last 24 hours that moved you closer to your goal. If you did not do anything that is fine You won’t be flagged, but you HAVE to check in. The point of the check in is to get you conscious of whether or not you’re making sustained choices that are actually pushing you towards your goal.

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