Cook a new recipe

1 time a week for 4 weeks

-The recipe you cook must be one that you haven’t made before -It doesn’t have to be a totally new dish e.g. you may have cooked tomato soup before but not THIS recipe for tomato soup. That being said, it’s a lot of fun to go outside of your comfort zone and try something totally new! -Try to follow a recipe as much as you can. If you have to improvise a bit that’s fine, but the point of this is to explore new recipes rather than see what you can fling together. -Show us the recipe and as much of the cooking process as possible. See the pinned check in for ‘try a new recipe’ on my profile as an example. Sometimes the video will cut out before you’re finished or it’ll lose some of your earlier footage if you’re stopping and starting. It can be annoying but a check in MUST show either some of the cooking process or the finished result with an explanation of what you’ve made and where you found the recipe. Check-ins which just say that you made something without proof will be flagged.

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