Daily Journaling 4.0

1 time a day for 21 days

Journaling is an amazing tool we can use to express, release and work out the content of our minds. For this challenge, I suggest the journalling be done on paper, but other forms, like notes on an iPhone or writing on the computer, work too. Rules: 1. Write for a minimum of 10 minutes 2. Show us proof of your journaling in your check in. Proof means a clear video of the writing. 3. (OPTIONAL) Feel free to share with us what you wrote or any breakthroughs you had! Ideas for things to journal about: - Morning pages (from Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way); just write whatever comes to your mind, for three full pages. - 5 Things you are grateful for - What can you get excited about today? - Who need you on your A-Game? - What can you do today that is a little outside of your confort zone? - Who can you surprise with a gift, note or sign of appreciation?

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