Daily Pen to Paper

1 time a day for 21 days

Just like it sounds, this challenge is around writing every morning before you start your day (evenings are fine as well if that is preferable for you). It doesn't have to be anything special or fancy. The goal is to create a private place for you to come as you are, and write whatever you're feeling. You don’t need to present your writing when checking in, just display the act of doing the challenge. Writing can be a great way to process thoughts. When we write things down, we are forced to articulate what we're feeling - no matter how confusing - in an organized way. We can use this to get our thoughts organized, practice creative writing for funsies, or work on your autobiography. Put that pen to paper and let’s see how much this improves our overall wellness. ✍️✍️✍️🖊📝

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