Do non-work-related thing for you

5 times a week for 2 weeks

Hello! Workaholic here. I was told by my personal trainer today that I need to prioritize doing something “good for me” and my mental health, and unplugging from work once per day, in order to get better results in fitness and in life over all. I love what I do and I work for myself but I let work take priority over all other things in life including my mental health. This is a feel good challenge. My only rules are based on my life so this will be pretty open. • Your feel-good thing cannot in any way be work-related • Your feel-good thing should not be “chores” just because it’s not work related (I struggle with this because I’m a weirdo who loves grocery shopping and cleaning) • Your feel-good thing should be slightly out of the ordinary... for instance if you wind down with a glass of wine EVERY night, I don’t think that should count as your feel good thing. Try to change it up and challenge yourself. Ok I think that’s all! Let’s encourage each other... I need it. ♥️

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