pot $515
Run two miles
1x per day, for 2 weeks
$5 penalty per miss

Do the Physiotherapy Exercises!

1 time a day for 14 days

Do the physiotherapy exercise you’re “supposed” to be doing! 😉 There’s a good chance each of us has one or two exercises that are meant to help strengthen those weak parts from the sports we used to play, the accidents we’ve been in, etc; let’s do them!! Do some kind of physio exercise at least 5 times/week, BUT CHECK IN DAILY! (I’m unable to create challenges as we’d like to any longer. 😒) If you’re confident you’re doing the exercise correctly, please explain what you’re doing and why, so maybe others can try it. 😁 Please comment on your own checkin “Cheat day” to help me keep track of your cheats. 😉 *** I am NOT A PHYSIOTHERAPIST so I won’t be monitoring you to be sure you’re doing them correctly—that’s on you!

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