Fuck 40% - 4 Week Challenge

4 times a week for 4 weeks

This is a David Goggins inspired challenge. He believes we are all operating at 40% of our capacity despite us all believing we are working much harder. In addition to checking in 4 workouts per week, we are all going to choose a goal that pushes our limits. A goal that you truly think you are more likely to fail than succeed. Here are the rules: 1) Set a goal that pushes you past a preconceived limit. 2) Announce this goal in the group chat. 3) Check in 5 30 minute workouts per week on the way to achieving this goal. 4) DO NOT check in your workouts during the final week of the challenge. 5) Announce whether you hit your goal on the final day of the challenge. - If you achieved your goal: check in all 5 times on the last day of the challenge. - If you failed to achieve your goal: do not check in and accept a $15 penalty.

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