pot $515
Run two miles
1x per day, for 2 weeks
$5 penalty per miss

Half your body weight in water!

1 time a day for 21 days

Here are the rules - You will submit a 60 second video of you drinking your last 8 ounces of water for the day. If you weigh 200 pounds, we want to see your last 8 ounces to get you to the hundred ounces that you need to drink. If you miss a check in, you pay the pot and then whoever has the least amount of misses at the end of 21 days gets to split the pot! And only water counts. If you want to add lemon, cucumber, fruit, that’s fine. But water is the best! Honor system, guys! Then we can all see how awesome our bodies feel after 21 days. Good luck!

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