Hit the gym

4 times a week for 2 months

Welcome to the fold! I challenge you to remain accountable by working out and checking in 4x a week. Here are the rules 1. For every missed check-in you pay $5. You have 4 out of 7 days to check-in. If you miss your check-in prove you worked out by showing us on your fitness tracker and describing to us the workout you completed. If you don't have a fitness tracker and you forget to check-in, sorry pal you owe another workout if you want us to count your check-in. 2. You need to be seen checking in at the gym or we would like to see you doing something if you are at your home gym (the video you are using, the work-out routine SOMETHING). 3. NO CHEATING!!!! If you think someone is cheating call them out in the chat, this is about accountability and we have formed this space to encourage each other to keep going towards our goals. So when calling someone out don’t be nasty and don’t get offended if you get called out. Let's enjoy this challenge and get fit! Good luck everyone.

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