Read: 21 Lessons / 21st Century

1 time a week for 6 weeks

Challenge starts on Monday 21st October and your first check-in deadline is Sunday 27th October. Reading requirements for checking-in: Week 1: Lessons 1-3 Week 2: Lessons 4-6 Week 3: Lessons 7-9 Week 4: Lessons 10-13 Week 5: Lessons 14-18 Week 6: Lessons 19-21 There are a lot of benefits to reading a book this way: 1/ when you pick it up each week you can see the finish line 2/ you have time between sections to think about what you’ve read 3/ you can read more than one book at a time and feel like you’re making real progress 4/ you’re kept accountable by the group 5/ pushes you to have a plan for your reading each week 6/ we’re all leading busy lives, and if this is the least reading you do each week, you’ll feel like you’re making progress Of course, you might read the book faster than this, and that’s cool. Just check-in each week with what you’ve learned. If you’ve read the book before, this could be a perfect opportunity to read it again. Ready? Let’s do this!

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