pot $515
Run two miles
1x per day, for 2 weeks
$5 penalty per miss

Skincare Routine (1)

1 time a day for 14 days

Round 1 starts 10/1 Here’s the deal, our skin is our biggest organ and we need to take care of it. Ideally you should have a morning and night skincare routine. The bare minimum should include a face wash and lotion. Or you could be like me and have a full on routine. Show us what you’re using (and please make sure to show you applying at least one of your products so we know you actually did your routine). I’m a huge advocate for toxin free skincare and nutrition so jump in the chat if you want tips and tricks. Each day my video will highlight a different type of product and explain what it does for your skin. Please note: This is set for 14 days so that all players can join. There will be subsequent rounds because it takes consistency to make something a habit. At minimum 21 days but usually it’s more like 56 days, if not longer. Round 2 starts 10/14.

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