Sunrise Club [Improve Sleep!]πŸŒ…

5 times a week for 2 weeks

Goal: Improve Sleep By Seeing The Sunrise πŸŒ… Starts: Monday, March, 25th! Check-In Requirements: 1) Show that you are physically outside during the sunrise in order to get the light on your skin and eyes 2) No sunglasses on (Ideally no contacts, glasses, or hats on either, but within reason ⚠) 3) Get outside rain or shine! 4) Porches/terraces are fine (just can't be from behind a window) *Also, it's really not as early as you might think. Sunrise right now in NYC is 7:15 am & LA is 7:09 am. If you don’t know the current time of sunrise where you are, a quick google search or the download of a sunrise app will help!

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