Workout for 30 mins

4 times a week for 2 weeks

Let’s get fit together and crush those 2019 fitness goals before the year ends! Workout for 30+ mins - This is a 2 week challenge. You are to workout 4x per week. You can only check-in once per day. Show you are working out by recording yourself during your workout or right after your workout (we’d like to see some sweat). The recording is only 20 secs. If you complete the whole entire challenge without missing any days, you will get a portion of the pot. If you miss a day you loose $5 per day. If you completely quit the workout before it’s over, you’ll be charged a penalty fee of $20. Let’s encourage each other to get fit! This challenge begins on Monday - 9/2! Drop any questions in the chat! - Vennessa Ama

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